Discover: Student Life

Student life can be tricky, but it’s also incredibly fun! See below to find out how to best navigate the ins and outs of student life.
Getting Involved in Your University Community
How social activities and clubs can enrich your uni experience.
By Mount Royal UniversitySep 09, 2020
5 Top Tips For Starting Post-Secondary School
Starting college or university can be daunting, especially if you're away from j9.com九游会app-(官网)点home.
By Ulster UniversitySep 04, 2020
From Summer to Student
Returning to school routines can be challenging, but it's easier with a little preparation.
By Algonquin CollegeSep 02, 2020
Parents: How to Help Your Student Focus When Learning Online
Focus is a muscle that can be trained, developed — and exhausted.
By Logan BrightAug 31, 2020
Finding Your Footing Through a Virtual Campus
How you can optimize your connections and education while studying online.
By Mount Royal UniversityAug 20, 2020
What Does a Virtual Practicum Look Like?
One example of how schools are adjusting to make the fall semester the best it can be.
By Bow Valley CollegeAug 13, 2020
Your Career Might Surprise You!
How students become brewmasters, tech leaders, and champions against human trafficking.
By University of WaterlooAug 04, 2020
Virtual Tours Let You Experience Campus From j9.com九游会app-(官网)点home
Tour schools from coast to coast right from your screen and find the right fit for you.
By Logan BrightJul 31, 2020
8 Myths and Facts About Starting University
Be prepared for university by understanding how it will differ from high school.
By Western UniversityJul 31, 2020
Plans Changed for Fall? Start Here, Go Anywhere
Start your education with a one-year online transfer program.
By Bow Valley CollegeJul 27, 2020
The Benefits of Living on Campus
A student's perspective on why living on campus is a great choice.
By University of ReginaJul 08, 2020
Your Cheat Sheet for Online Learning
The right attitude will help make the most of your online learning.
By Centennial CollegeJul 06, 2020
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